Mystery Boy by Carl (CAKUart)

Mystery Boy by Carl (CAKUart)

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Painting Details:

Oil on Canvas
65cm (W) x 52cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Painting has white frame 
Signed by the artist (me)
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity 

Painting Inspiration:

Can you see the Mystery Boy in this painting?

I have a confession to make…

Originally I titled this painting “local life”.

But every time I look at this painting I always (always) go looking for the boy in the shadows.

He’s there if you look hard enough.

And when you do see him, you may just have an “Ah ha!” moment.

Kooky…and spooky?

Maybe…maybe not.

To be honest, I didn’t want to reveal he was there, predominantly because I didn’t feel as though I captured his stance and composition correctly.

It’s an artist thing.

You know - shout it from the roof tops when you’ve captured something so well…

…but bury your head in the sand and divert people’s attention elsewhere if you’ve completely screwed it up.

So my theory was…

If the boy is hidden, I don’t need to worry about some art critic busting my chops with…

“Yeah…over all it’s good…but the boy…the boy really throws this composition into strife.”

But here’s the thing…

I could have left that boy out.

I could have said…

“No one will notice if he is not there”

But I painted him in there because he WAS there when I captured this image.

So my reasoning was…

If I cheat myself, I cheat everyone.

And I wasn’t going to do that.

The boy stays in the painting.


Can you see the boy?