"Letting Go" by Carl (CAKUart)

"Letting Go" by Carl (CAKUart)

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Painting details:

Acrylic Paint, Ready to hang
91.2cm (W) x 91.2cm (H) x 3.7cm (D)

Painting inspiration:

People are desperate to stay unconscious.

We use any form of distraction we can - anything to stay in a dreamlike state.

TV, pills, drink, gossip…

We end up absorbing unnecessary and unchosen data that gets poured into us.

Society doesn’t deal well with the concept of inner awareness.

For the most part, people are terrified of facing themselves.

Some even dread a moment alone.

So we distract ourselves with frantic activities and quite often, pointless socialising, texting, scanning news feeds and talking about a whole bunch of stuff unrelated to our inner voice.

All this distraction actually requires enormous amounts of energy to sustain…all for the sake keeping down repressed feelings…

Or to avoid what we really should be doing.

This causes a loss of awareness, and stifles growth.

It stops creative energy and real genuine, sincere interest in other people.

I know…

…because I speak from experience.

I have often been the last one to leave the bar…or worked until I collapsed.

The real cause of stress is not actually external.

It is internal.

It’s caused from living in this constant readiness to act, flee, to escape and react to fear.

And the readiness to act is dependent on the amount of fear that exists from within someone already.

The people in this painting may seem to be soaking up paradise.

But the reality is they have managed to escape the 24 hour shit storm that is their life for a fleeting moment…

…to simply reflect…

…touch the water, the sun, and be surrounded by a creature (the dog) that lives in the present moment with absolute precision.