"Celebration Day"
"Celebration Day"

"Celebration Day"

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Painting Details:

Acrylic Paint, Ready to hang
61cm (W) x 51cm (H) x 4cm (D)

Painting Inspiration:

Right in the middle of conceptualising this piece, I got the news that Little Richard had passed.

Man…he was the driveshaft of rock’n’roll.

It was his music that initially got them cats up and dancing like the couple in the painting.

Little Richard always sounded like he was celebrating something.

As to what...

...it didn’t really matter.

It was simply enough that he sounded convincing enough with his…

“Everything goin be alright” 🎵

The main premise and drive behind the painting was simply to show people having a good time.

Many people are having a pretty tough time for many different reasons.

This painting is a reminder that intrinsically we are designed to sing and celebrate.

We may not always feel like it.

Half the time I don’t.

But we gotta remember to be always striving towards it.

Thanks so much for dropping by friend.